The Moon

An ex-astronaut has an ill-timed run-in with a former space camp student on the moon.

Written and Directed by Shelby Baldock

Director's Statement

One night I was driving through downtown Santa Ana, crossing into a dark, unlit neighborhood. No people around, no business in sight. Seemingly out of nowhere, appeared this giant, looming, bright purple building, neon-yellow metal and iron over the windows. It was as if a giant cartoon had come to life right there on the street corner. That’s when the idea for “The Moon” was born and beyond the silly face of this building nestled in an isolated area, there was so much more to discover. The story of “The Moon” is the story of personal destiny, the story of impact and blind faith and hope. Former astronaut Douglas Brighton can’t seem to escape anything - himself, the near-comical moon he helped create, and more frighteningly, set into motion by his impact on Philip, the future he can never stop.
– Shelby Baldock


Starring Brian Hamill, Eric James O’Keefe
Director of Photography Yashwanth Ravi
Edited by Roger Bacon
Music by Hope Clayburn