Piano Man Pictures

Piano Man Pictures is a collective of ambitious and adventurous filmmakers, writers, artists, and musicians from Memphis, TN who work together to bring meaningful stories to life, no matter the medium. We tell stories about those searching—whether with great triumph or in vain, through laughter or tears—for some higher purpose, power, or love. Whether it be feature films, shorts, web series, paintings, or albums, we reach for something much larger than any one person. It’s our greatest passion, and we love sharing our stories with you as much as we love telling them.


Want to contract us out to do a film, music video, or commercial? Contact us at info@pianomanpictures.com.

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Chad Allen Barton

Chad Allen Barton

Chad Allen Barton is the co-founder of the Memphis-based production company, Piano Man Pictures. He has written, produced, and directed several short films (Am I, Hirsch, H.I.D.) that have screened at numerous festivals, including ones in Los Angeles, New York, and London. He has produced award-winning music videos, as well as the North Mississippi All-Stars concert documentary, World Boogie is Coming (dir. Cody Dickinson). His feature-film directorial debut, Lights, Camera, Bullshit, is currently for sale on Blu Ray & DVD. Recently, along with Matt Martin of Black Lodge Video, Chad has founded Cinematic Panic, a "film festival" for the bizarre, weird, and insane.

Shelby Baldock

Shelby Baldock

Raised in Memphis, TN, Shelby grew up in love with film and music, creating short films and studying percussion from an early age. The two passions have always been hand-in-hand, leading him to work for the Grammys and touring with the North Mississippi Allstars, together creating music videos, documentaries, and concert films. In 2010, Shelby also established Piano Man Pictures, a Memphis-based arts collective that supports and produces local film, music, and theatre. He has continued to work across the country with Cody Dickinson, The Grahams, and more. Over the years, films and projects that Shelby has directed, written, edited, or scored have played across the world. He is a graduate of the MFA program at Chapman University's Dodge College of Film and Media Arts.

Rachel M Taylor

Rachel M. Taylor

Rachel M. Taylor is a writer and a director with Piano Man Pictures. With a B.A. in English Literature, her interest in stories led her into the realm of film where she discovered the world of “Avarice,” her first award winning, dark fantasy that was filmed in Memphis, TN. She’s currently in post production for her second film, “Solus,” a gothic, Victorian ghost story. Her deep influence from Lord of the Rings and love of exploration inspires fantastical stories and new worlds for the screen. When she’s not making movies, she enjoys spending time with her partner Chad, their son Mason, and their dog Lily.

Stephen Hildreth

Stephen Lewis Hildreth

Stephen "Phen" Hildreth is the youngest of William and Rosemary Hildreth's four children. His father was a mechanic and his mother was a preschool teacher, so how he found his way toward filmmaking and photography is anyone's guess. His philosophy on life can be best summed up in the story of the Rabia of Basra, an 8th century Muslim saint, poet, and mystic, who one day was stopped running through her village carrying a bucket of water and torch while sporting a very purposeful look. When asked about her intentions Rabia responded, "I am going to take this bucket of water and pour it on the flames of hell, and then I am going to use this torch to burn down the gates of paradise so that people will not love God for want of heaven or fear of hell, but because He is God." While Stephen may not be a very religious person, he does appreciate Rabia's commitment to tearing down the status quo and bringing folks into a deeper love and meaning of life. He also favors the last words of Mr. Francois Rabelais, who on on his deathbed remarked "I go to seek the Great Perhaps." A quote that helped influence his move from his homeland of Northwest Ohio to the Mid-South. He also reads a lot of John Green books and watches far too much How I Met Your Mother, so really nothing he says should be trusted.

Charlie Metz III

Charlie Metz

Charlie Metz III has a Bachelor’s degree in communications with a focus in film/video production and a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese, both from the University of Memphis. He has worked on several productions, including Girl in Woods; I Filmed Your Death; Rattle the Hocks; Lights, Camera, Bullsh*t; and Fresh Skweezed in various behind-the-camera positions. He has also acted in supporting roles in I Filmed your Death, Clerical Error, the web series Totol Recal, and the legendary Solitary Metz. He has an extensive knowledge of Dungeons & Dragons.

Stephen Teague

Stephen Teague

Stephen Teague has a Bachelor of Arts degree in communications with a film/video focus from the University of Memphis, and the diploma does a nice job of covering a hole in the wall of his bedroom, keeping out the raccoons. He has been involved in numerous Piano Man Pictures productions, which include editing for H.I.D. (dir. Chad Allen Barton), acting in Phase (dir. Celeste Dixon), and writing/directing The Price of Air.

Celeste Dixon

Celeste Dixon

A native Memphian, Celeste has a degree in marketing from the University of Memphis. She stumbled into the Memphis film scene soon after graduating and hasn't looked back. Through working with PMP and Azbest Studios, Celeste has served as everything from production assistant to director. Her directorial debut, Phase, was an official Indie Memphis 2016 selection in the Hometowner Rising Filmmakers category. She likes attention, so please tweet at her @contradixon.

Thomas A Hunt Andy Hunt

Thomas A. Hunt

The hero of a space opera adventure comic strip created by and originally drawn by himself, Thomas A. Hunt is an enigma, a total mystery. He can sometimes be seen on planet Earth, where he is a gold level member of Piano Man Pictures. At times he's a rock star, other times a director, but he is always loved by all who meet him.

Jordan Alexander

Jordan Alexander

Jordan Alexander studied film and video production at the University of Memphis. He spent four years producing commercials, promos, and PSAs for a television station in Jackson, Tennessee. He produces comedy shorts on his YouTube channel, Baze Productions. He has also acted and done editing and visual-effects compositing for a number of Piano Man Pictures projects. What will he do next?

Jacques Granger The Family Ghost Revenge Body

Jacques Granger

Native Memphian Jacques Granger has been playing serious music to small, mostly disinterested audiences for over twenty years. His long-running post-punk/noise band, The Family Ghost, scored Piano Man Pictures' short film H.I.D., on which he also served as music supervisor. As Revenge Body, he scored PMP's short Don't Go In There Charlie, in addition to playing a vampire in the film. He has appeared in several episodes of PMP's comedy/panel/quiz web series Totol Recal, and is currently working on new music and a murder-mystery screenplay.