A science fiction film following a rookie copy-cat artist whose self-defeating fears start to take him over after he is transported to a frightening new world.

Directed by Chad Allen Barton and Patrick Churvis

Director's Statement

Will our work ever matter? What exactly is the role of art and are the implications greater than you could ever imagine? Is it a burden or a pleasure and what exactly is our responsibility? “Hirsch” dives into every artist’s greatest fear: The giant hurdle of feeling like a fraud. It’s like a bright, shiny red pimple on your nose. At any moment, we feel like we’ll be caught red-handed. “See! I’m exactly what I was afraid of!” This is Hirsch, the man with some skill, but a whole lot more fear.



Starring Ron Gephart, Gregory Boller
Written by Shelby Baldock
Director of Photography Patrick Churvis
Edited by Patrick Churvis
Music by Shelby Baldock