Faceless, But Remembered

It’s New Year’s Eve. Camp, a recent kidney transplant recipient, gets called in to work at a gas station with his Uncle Ellis, a transplant recipient 20 years prior. As the night wears on, Ellis stops at nothing to force Camp to be more appreciative of his second chance at life, resulting in nightmarish consequences.

Written and Directed by Shelby Baldock

Director's Statement

Right before starting college, I was diagnosed with Chronic kidney disease. For a while, it didn't seem make a huge impact on my life, until the time came to have a transplant. I had just finished my first year at Chapman University when I had to leave indefinitely. The 7 years since being diagnosed had been a time where you go off, wandering around, unsure of what to do with your life. In my mind, I rationalized that the "reason" I felt these things was because of CKD. I told myself that all of my sarcastic tendancies, angry thoughts, indecisive moments, ruminations - I would be happier once I had my transplant.

Finally, on December 17, 2013, it happened. I went under. 7 years of build-up... And when I woke up, nothing had changed. I was still worrying, complaining, but friends and family all believed I had just undergone a life-altering experience. That I was awakening in a field of flowers. I became defensive. I was still me, and I wasn't sure if I liked that. People seemed like they wanted for me to be brainwashed and I couldn't figure out if they had brainwashed themselves. Through the first year, I learned a tremendous amount about what people do and do not understand about kidney transplant, and Faceless, but Remembered is my way of letting people know what it's like in those early months after transplant. How you must come to terms with family, friends, the responsibility. Facelessplays out like a horror/thriller. I want to place you in the minds of countless people across the world: The world around you, the people in your life, it doesn't feel like reality, and it's scarier than you thought.
- Shelby Baldock



Written and Directed by Shelby Baldock

Starring Ryan Caraway, Douglas Dickerman, Taylor Owen
Produced by Gina Yull
Director of Photography Matthew Tanner
Production Designer Joy Sanwo
Edited by Ting Yu
Composers Shelby Baldock and Cody Dickinson

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