A New Kind of Film Festival.....

A place for underground, bizarre, insane, ludicrous, outlandish, unconventional, preposterous, incephalonamous, unorthodox, renderonerous, and spina bifidous films.

Every film will be rated on a "Panic Meter" showing how much the audience should be wary of the film they're about to watch, so they can't say we didn't warn them...

All films will screen at the newly reopened, historic Black Lodge in Memphis, TN.

In addition to film screenings, there will be a Psychotic Arcade Challenge that awards players for advancing in the world's most terrifying, deranged, and senseless games imaginable. Also featured are several food challenges that will test the limits of all five of your senses.


Event Date: August 23rd through 26th

Location: Black Lodge, 405 N Cleveland, Memphis TN

Now accepting submissions

More information coming soon....