A girl journeys into a land of soot and greed.

Written, Directed and Edited by Rachel M. Taylor

Director's Statement

Avarice is my first film as a director, writer, editor, and all the things that come in between. In many ways, it was my film school, and it was extremely educational. I wanted to tell the story about the loss of innocence in a world obsessed with obtaining thimgs. I knew very early on I would make it without dialogue because  had heard that first time directors often make the mistake of relying on dialogue to tell a story rather than the imagery. Since movies are literally moving pictures, I knew that if I challenged myself to tell a story completely relying on the images you see on screen, it would be the best story education I could give myself. Being an avid reader of literature, I wanted Avarice to feel almost poetic with layers to unpeel with each viewing. I love films with worlds worth exploring, and I strove to make Avarice as interesting and meaningful as possible. I hope you enjoy exploring it.



Starring Haley Parker, Taylor Daniel, Mikayla House
Director of Photography Paul Andrew Skidmore
Production Designer Chad M. Irwin
Music Composed by Kenton Smith