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Cinematic Panic

  • Black Lodge 405 North Cleveland Street Memphis, TN, 38104 United States (map)

     There’s a time and a place for charming, simple, beautiful films...for sweet, positive, life-affirming cinema...

     This ain’t that.

     Bizarre.  Strange.  Peculiar.  Eccentric.  The abnormal.  The disturbing.  The troubling.  The unsettling, the unsavory, the upsetting, the unusual, and the uncategorizable.  
     You’re invited to a celebration of the darker side of cinema, as we unleash an entire weekend devoted to absolute celluloid insanity and some seriously fucked up flicks at our CINEMATIC PANIC! - a five day film festival devoted entirely to the dangerous, the demented, and the damaging in film...

     Black Lodge, Piano Man Pictures, Best Revenge Films, and Pickle TV have joined together to offer you a unique cinematic dare: to test your limits and subject yourself to the most subversive cinema we can find.  Can you handle it?
      Join us for special screenings of some of the most notorious movies and short films in cinema history.  Lose all sense of morality and sanity with Todd Solondz’s 1998 pitch black masterpiece of extremely dysfunctional sexuality HAPPINESS.  Face your worst paranoid fears in Brian Yuzna’s hilariously shocking body-horror freakout SOCIETY from 1989.  Watch your sanity melt away with every minute of the Muppets-on-acid musical gorefest known as MEET THE FEEBLES, from Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson.
     And buckle up and prepare your soul for a Saturday midnight screening of one of the holy grails of disturbing outlaw cinema: the uncut version of the 1980 horror legend CANNIBAL HOLOCAUST.  Still as powerful, graphic, and upsetting as when it was made almost 40 years ago. Still banned in multiple countries, this exploitation landmark has held a place on every single Top Ten Most Disturbing Films list since the day it was first released.  Endlessly referenced, yet rarely seen, and justifiably feared, this is one rough ride of cinema, only for the bravest of curious film seekers.  Some say it crosses boundaries.  You be the judge.
     This is just the beginning.  Prepare for a universe of deranged movie treasures!  Worried you may not be able to handle the madness?  Let our “Panic Meter” help guide you through the fest, revealing just how disturbing each movie is.  Can’t say we didn’t warn ya!

      But we not only want to show you some of the most outrageous, mind-blowing and even sinister movies we can find...we want to see YOURS.
     We’re inviting any film-maker to submit your most outlandish film to screen and enter for CASH PRIZES with categories in features, short films, music videos and even fake trailers.  And there is only one criteria: all submissions must simply be as bizarre, strange, and unsettling as possible, whatever genre they are.  The best, or possibly the worst, will be publicly screened at the festival, where YOU, the audience, will pick your favorites and decide who gets the prizes.  Those looking to submit films can find details on the CINEMATIC PANIC page...

    But that’s not enough!  Join us for special live performances by THE CONSPIRACY THEORY on the opening night of the fest and SHAMEFINGER playing Saturday night before the midnight screening of Cannibal Holocaust!  

     Want more?  During the fest, check out a varied selection of some of history’s weirdest, strangest, and most disturbed video games in our PSYCHOTIC ARCADE, including landmarks of gaming insanity like Eternal Darkness, Fatal Frame, P.T., Manhunt, Silent Hill 2, Outlast, Postal, Dead Space, Limbo, Polybius, Resident Evil Biohazard in VR, and more!
     And challenge your senses by testing the boundaries of your flavor pallet with unusual food selections from our FORMIDABLE FARE menu, specially designed for the fest by Black Lodge chef and co-owner James Blair: unconventional culinary creations, bizarre snacks, and odd cuisine choices await those with adventurous tastes.
     Join us for a whole weekend of brain-melting movies, music, food, and games at the new Black Lodge!  
Hosted by a slew of cinema-obsessed deviants: Matthew Martin, Chad Allen Barton, John Pickle, Christian Walker, Rachel M. Taylor, and Charlie Metz.  And perhaps a few surprise guests...

     Can your grip on reality handle just how far it can all go?  Prepare to Panic...

     Tickets are $20 a person for full access to every screening and event at the fest, across the entire four day schedule!  Tickets go on sale July, 2018... Come join our weekend of insanity!

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